Alioli Tosta with Red Peppers and Anchovies



  1. Put the garlic and salt in your mortar and crush and grind together until you have a fine paste.
  2. Add the egg yolk and stir together using the pestle, always stirring in the same direction. You can substitute for a fork at this stage if you’d prefer.
  3. Then start to add your olive oil whilst continuing to stir, always in the same direction and always with the same intensity. You want to keep adding olive oil until you get a smooth and creamy consistency, like a heavy mayonnaise.
  4. These quantities will make enough for a sitting for two. The ingredients can always be doubled. If your alioli gets too thick, don’t continue to add olive oil to it as it will just get thicker. If required, you can always dilute it with a tablespoon or so of warm water.
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